Ease Your Way into Backgammon

by Gene Marshall

Backgammon, played throughout the centuries by several different cultures, is now a worldwide favorite over many other board games. It is thought by some that the game originates from two different games, the game of Tabulae (Roman) and the game Nard (Arabic). Several different types of boards have been found throughout history that resemble the backgammon board, such as the Senet board, a game played in Egypt dating back to circa 3500 BC. Other very similar games throughout history around the world include Nardschir, Tric-Trac (a variation of Tabulae), and Jeux de Tables. Many of these games, including what we today call backgammon, have been banned in several different countries at several different times when betting became forbidden. At one point, backgammon boards were designed to look like books to prevent all boards from being burned.

Today, with the growing popularity of backgammon worldwide, and the growth of the internet era, backgammon has become a popular game to play online. With the development of software to play the game, utilizing neural networks, backgammon has become more advanced, challenging, and exciting for those who love the game. The first backgammon software using neural networks was called TD-Gammon, developed by Dr. Gerald Tesauro, which was soon upgraded to become an expert player in itself and challenged even the most advanced players in the world. Though TD-Gammon was never commercialized, other software such as Jellyfish, written by Fredrik Dahl, and Snowie, written by Olivier Egger, were released and heightened the average skill level of many tournament player. Some popular features of Snowie include features that allow players to learn from their previous games.

Play backgammon online by downloading backgammon software, or play backgammon through the browser based options at different gaming sites. Play free backgammon through several different sites if you're not ready for backgammon gambling, but if you are make sure to check out the different internet backgammon facilities with free backgammon game download that provide a fun gaming community where you can play in tournaments, enjoy bonuses, have chat options, and receive updated information and backgammon news. Many different sites provide backgammon download and access to instructional guides of backgammon strategy. What's very special and unique about playing the game online is the ability to play anytime during the night or day, and be able to play with others around the world who enjoy the game as much as you do.

Ease your way into the backgammon game by learning the basics. Understand the set up of the board, instructions to the game, the proper terminology used in the game, and different strategies used. Learning strategy and how to use it also just takes practice, and the best way to practice is utilizing the free play games available through many different sites. There are also several different sites that allow you to read about backgammon, not just how to play or strategy, but also current event relating to backgammon, or past events that make backgammon what it is today.

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