Maximizing Your Backgammon Capabilities Online

by Gene Marshall

Learning to play backgammon has often been compared to learning strategies for battle in war. In fact, backgammon is identified in the gaming world as a war game. Being that one of the objectives of the game is to successfully 'hit' your opponent's pieces off the board and to keep them trapped on the 'bar', which paralyzes their movement until they receive numbers on the dice that enable them to reenter the game, the classification of the backgammon board game as one of war becomes understandable.

However, it is also classified as a game of chance due to the inclusion of the pair of dice that serves as a determining factor in the movement of each player's checkers on the board. The combination of war and chance involved in backgammon thus requires a player to learn how to utilize the position of each checker to its fullest potential as permitted by the outcome of the dice roll.Therefore, while the backgammon setup is pretty straight forward in its rules and customs, mastering the game requires a great deal of practice and experience in working through innumerable situations and recognizing the appropriate backgammon strategy waiting to be implemented before and in response to each turn of your opponent.

Attempting to master backgammon by purchasing a backgammon set, while useful if you study the entire instruction manual and find experienced or, at least, motivated friends and family to join in this venture, will not provide you with the wealth of tools and resources to which you have access online. This is why thousands of backgammon players have resorted to playing internet backgammon where there are infinite articles about this ancient game that explain a range of topics about backgammon including rules and history, and a seemingly limitless pool of opponents. From online resources you can delve into the variegated and winning backgammon strategies such as containment and mirroring, which have been developed and used by expert backgammon players throughout the world.

It is indubitably worthwhile to explore the several gaming websites that also feature backgammon. There are many advantages to playing backgammon online. One advantage is that most online backgammon websites provide a backgammon download that is free of charge to you. Therefore, you can start playing backgammon with opponents of varying levels, as soon as you sit down at a computer. Usually, you will be matched against opponents who share a similar ranking to you, which is determined by the amount of points you have acquired via wins and losses. Included on backgammon websites to increase the user-friendly quality of the site, there will also be extensive backgammon instructions that will walk you through different aspects of the game. These online manuals are complete with visual representations of the game and also provide links to other useful backgammon news sites that help you in learning to play backgammon well. Finally, perhaps the most enticing factor of online backgammon is that you can play a game of free backgammon, whenever you have the time.

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