The Internet is the New Niche for Backgammon

by Gene Marshall

Backgammon is a very unique game that has captivated the peoples of many great civilizations from ancient times to the present day. This game is special in that it combines an element of chance introduced by the roll of a pair of dice that must also be carefully coordinated with complex strategies requiring the ability to envision the gamut of moves the player may make within each turn he receives.

To begin with the very basics of the game, the backgammon board is rectangular in shape and split into four quadrants each containing six triangles, which are known as points. Each player has a home board, the six points on his side of the board located to the right of the bar, which is the center of the board. Both players receive 15 checkers each. These are the indicators of progress, defeat and victory in the backgammon game. At the start of the game, each player has five of his checkers resting in his home board on point six, kept company by two of his opponent's on point one. The goal of the game is to use a sharp eye and the roll of the dice to move all of one's checkers to the home board and, finally, to bear off of the board in order to win. Along the way, the opponents seize opportunities to hit each other off of the board, a stalling tactic that allows one player to attempt to decrease the number of points he must travel in order to be the first player to remove all of his checkers from the board.

An added dimension to backgammon is the option to gamble when playing a game. When backgammon is played for wagers, the backgammon set comes with a doubling cube that contains its own set of rules and protocol for when the time to double is appropriate in the game. Compared to backgammon's reach into ancient history the backgammon rules for doubling are located more recently in the trajectory of this game's existence.

Always moving in stride with the changing trends of time, backgammon has found its new niche on the Internet. At any given moment in the day or night, thousands of people are playing online backgammon in countries all over the globe. Many players sit down to the computer to play backgammon for recreation. However, a thriving backgammon gambling culture has developed in tandem with the growing numbers of backgammon players online. Many of the internet backgammon websites offer the option to engage in online gaming. This has become a popular pastime because these websites are adept at protecting their members' personal information and in providing efficient services including offering a variety of ways to make deposits to online backgammon gaming sites, and, vice versa, quickly delivering winnings to players.

As a result, backgammon online serves to bring those who already play the game greater opportunities to do so, but has also introduced this pastime to a new generation of players, as well.

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