The Long and Interesting History of Backgammon

The long and interesting history of backgammon covers stretches back to the beginning of written records, perhaps as many as 5,000 years ago. Researchers are sure that the backgammon game first appeared in the area today occupied back Iraq or Iran. The earliest backgammon board so far discovered in ancient Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) dates back some 4,600 years!

Free Backgammon to Play Often and Build a Str...

Free backgammon is a term most internet savvy players will be familiar with, due to the amazing growth of online backgammon gaming sites. But for anyone not familiar with the world of backgammon online a little explanation is in order. What is generally meant by "free backgammon" is not a distribution of actual backgammon games free of charge, nor is it a reference to free membership at the local backgammon club. What we're referring to is the backgammon software downloads that are available at no charge to the player from internet backgammon sites. With a basic Internet connection and a computer that can support the high-quality 3-D video backgammon software the player can download and play the game as often as they like for free. It's a great way to learn the game, practice your strategy and just play non-competitive backgammon for free.

Playing Backgammon: Is it all about mathemati...

Backgammon is a very old game, with a huge tradition in some parts of the world. Traditionally it is a board game played by two, using a pair of dice. The game is not really complicated, and the role of it is to remove all of the figures from the board according to the rules. Many became very fond of online backgammon due to the strategies used in it, and even though at first site in might seem a game based only on luck, a good strategy can be the key of success, no matter how lucky or unlucky the player is.

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